A new blog, a new adventure

The Purple Tales adventure ends this day. The words sound softly in my head, and it’s a feeling of apprehension, pride, and also excitement that overwhelms me. Purple tales, it was my old blog. A big part of my life and a hell of an adventure. A blog that I liked to shape and for which I invested a lot. A blog that I loved building day after day. But it was also a blog in which gradually I did not recognize myself anymore. A blog that slowly did not fit me anymore.


Recently, I often tried to change it, to improve its design or expand the topics. I wasn’t publishing regularly anymore: the more days passed, the more I felt I was moving forward. Every day, I was feeling a little bit more this unpleasant sensation that something was wrong with this blog.


LCDC Un vent de nouveauté - Le calepin de Céline


However, I do not regret my old blog. It allowed me to learn a lot, from others and also especially about myself: it was rewarding, both from a human and a technical point of view. So this is it. I close Purple tales and I’m delighted to start a new story.


So here we go, let me introduce my new online space. For now, I find it quite warm, and I think I like it. This website like a notebook in which I will scribble all my ideas, my discoveries, and my dreams, whether they are a bit messy, or not. I must confess I’m happy to start a new chapter here. It’s a brand new adventure that begins, a new canvas that I have to fill according to my desires and ideas, and with you, of course!


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