My name is Celine, I am 31, and I currently live and work in Strasbourg, East of France. I’m a french illustrator, I write blog articles, and I also run an online store where I sell cards, posters, planners, stickers, etc. These three activities are gathered here in one place, lecalepindeceline.com.

In my spare time, I study digital painting, and I like to draw, blog, take care of my animals, and be outside/in the forest. I also love horse riding, reading, taking photos, watching movies, or learning how to play the guitar. I am interested in many subjects such as Arts, Nature, Animals, horse riding, photography, music, reading, web, cinema, well-being, fashion, beauty, cooking, and running. I’m passionate about life and curious about pretty much everything. I like to discover, learn, exchange, and create.

I created Le calepin de Céline with the desire to share all my discoveries, my favorite places, products, or books. In short, my current interests. I don’t set any particular rules here on this website, and I want to work and share joyfully. Whether it’s through my blog posts, on the shop, or as part of my freelance activity, I want to share moments of life and creative ideas in a good mood.

Feel free to visit my website and discover my world. If you want to say hello, ask a question or work with me, I invite you to reach me on Instagram or to send me an email via the contact page. See you soon!