Bullet journal : setup of July 2019

Completely snatched up by the time, my job duties and responsibilities, I did not have the chance to write and publish as many articles as I would have liked to. So, without further ado, and after the previous blog post devoted to the setup of June (available here), I present you today that of July.

Same layout, different theme

For July, in terms of layout, I have not changed a thing from the previous setup. So, I start with the page indicating the month. Then I continue with the double vertical calendar page, then the double page of habits and moods, the calendar of events, the weeks and, finally, the summary page. Nothing new at this level, however, the theme changes, and this time, I chose the oceans and their beautiful inhabitants: turtles, fish, shellfish, octopus, aquatic plants, whales, etc.

I drew more than for June, and, in fact, it leaves me a little doubtful: I loved making more complex pages, taking the time to draw made me feel good, it soothed me, and it was a delightful end-of-day activity. But these more “worked” pages also took me longer than usual to create. I am a little skeptical because I liked creating the setup, and at the same time, it was quite a servitude. I’m not sure if I will do the same for next month.

The setup of July

As I said above, I chose a marine theme, and I must admit that I had fun while putting it in place. In the same vein as for the previous month, the illustrations and doodles are elementary and unpretentious. I have been very keen on crabs, fish, and turtles, but I have also tried whales and creatures with thorns or tentacles. If the whale I drew did not entirely convince me, I must admit that I love the turtles, and especially that of the page of moods. I loved drawing this page, it was fun, and I have not seen the time pass.

Regarding the material, I did not use pencils, and I chose painting. I wanted to test, have fun, and also learn too. At first, I was a little bit uncertain, so I first decided that I could make a mix. But after I colored the last page with the Polychromos, I realized that, even if I adore them, I finally wanted something else for the other pages. Rummaging through my drawers, I had the choice between gouache, acrylic, or watercolor. I opted for watercolor, and I used the following material:

– a small box of 12 Winsor and Newton buckets, available, e.g., here ;

– a set of 24 Zenacolor paint tubes, available, e.g., here ;

– 3 Pentel brushes with water reserve, available, e.g., here.

I did not buy these products primarily for the setup of July. I had acquired them as part of my training in graphic design, and I tried them several times before. I’m not a watercolor professional, so I can not assure that this material is better than another. I did not experience any particular frustration, discomfort, or annoyance while using them.

In conclusion

On the other hand, what I see is that my choice to make watercolor on large flat areas was perhaps not the most accurate. Although of outstanding quality, the pages of my bullet journal are not made for watercolor. If they did not break, they have curled in contact with excess water. It does not bother me, and I even think that I like the old fashioned effect that comes out. If in the future I reuse watercolor, I’ll make sure to apply it to smaller areas.

Besides, I liked doing watercolor, which is a technique for which I am a beginner. I think I learned a little about the application and I reviewed my basics in color theory (with which I sometimes have troubles). As for my general appreciation, I must say that I love this setup, I find it cute, but I’m not sure I’ll “load” the pages as much for the layout of August. Maybe I’ll try something different, more minimalist and sleek. After all, being able to reinvent yourself over the pages is one of the advantages of the bullet journal, isn’t it?

I hope you like this setup, and if you have a bullet journal, do not hesitate to share in comments your impressions and your theme, I read you as always with great pleasure. 🙂

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