Bullet journal : setup of June 2019

I was preparing the setup of my new bullet journal when I realized that it was a long time since I addressed the subject here on the blog. So, this first article of June focuses on the setup of my bullet journal, and I introduce you to the design I chose, my doodles, etc.


Back to basics


I had talked about it in an article devoted to the subject and available by clicking here: my bullet journal is a hybrid notebook in which I note lots of things. I write down all the tasks to be done, and appointments, thoughts, ideas, doodles, etc.


When the time came to renew it, well, I decided to change everything and to go back a little more to the basics, if I may say so. I don’t intend to go to Ryder Carroll’s classic version, but I do not want it to be too personal either. I decided I’ll leave out the intimate thoughts or scribbles that start on one page and continue fifteen pages away.


A new notebook


I wanted something a little bit more “structured” and readable, but also accessible to personalize while remaining professional. To create the layout of the month, I looked at the work of several bullet journal specialists, such as Amanda Rach Lee or Nicole Barlettano, and I chose a pattern: page of the month, page of events, habit trackers, moods, calendar, weeks and summary.


I chose the brand Moleskine that I like very much. I particularly appreciate the quality of the pages of their notebooks. On the other hand, I changed my notebook format, from the “usual” size (13×21) with a hardcover to a larger format (19×25) with a softcover. It allows me, for example, to be able to hold a whole week on one page and to have a clear view of my tasks. I also changed the type of pages, and I opted for pages with points rather than small tiles.


The setup


The setup of June allowed me to test new color pencils, the Polychromos Faber Castell. At first, I found them a bit expensive, but after testing them on different papers, I think they are great, and I love them. I particularly like to use them in the Moleskine notebook, to make gradations is the super combo.


The theme of June is about fruits and sweets I like, and I savor at the end of the spring and during the summer: for example the pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, cherries or ice cream. In short, for this setup, I tried to please myself while returning to things more straightforward and less personal. I am quite happy with the overall arrangement, and I let you discover everything with the photos below. And you, your bujo of June, how does it look like?



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