Discoveries and lifestyle favorites: November 2017

Hello! Today I would like to present to you all of my recent favorites. There is a bit of everything (makeup, pumpkin, pretty words), and I hope you’ll find this blog post useful.


Rebecca’s blog, A clothes horse


This is my most recent favorite. Discovered thanks to Coralie on her beautiful blog, Black Confetti, Rebecca’s blog transported me. I like her way to describe the things she’s passionate about. I must confess I also really like watching her beautiful pictures, which are bright and made of flashy colors. To me, visiting her universe is a bit like walking in a beautiful dream.


The battle for the sun


My animals love the sun. They try to make the most of it during these rare moments of autumn where the fog disappears to a pretty blue sky. They follow the course of the light: in the morning I find them in one room while in the afternoon they will be in another room. So precious. Sometimes even they will find all possible nooks in the same place to absorb maximum heat. I like to see them sleep peacefully in the sun, and they are adorable.


Morning walks


I love autumn morning so much. The walks at dawn are precious to me; they soothe me and bring me sweetness and peace of mind. I like to celebrate those beautiful mornings, and see nature waking up gently, just for me. It is a privilege to attend this show, which is never the same overnight.


The Naked Heat palette from Urban Decay


Is this a purchase of heart more than reason? Yes. Am I a victim of marketing tools? Possible. Am I ashamed of it? Not really. Am I sorry? Not at all. I think it is useless to explain why and how this palette of eyeshadow is excellent, as it has been said herehere, or there. I must confess I am thrilled to have this product.


Henry Rivers illustrations


By observing his illustrations, I am convinced that Henry Rivers’s only mission was to make me dream and travel to the end of the world, comfortably seated in my office chair. I like his minimalist style, and I like his choice of colors. I like the cities he makes us visit at a glance. I love the desire he creates — that of traveling, of painting, of dreaming, of creating.


Micah’s Instagram photos


In the morning, when I sip my coffee, I must admit that I like to take 5 to 10 minutes to get lost on pretty accounts on the Instagram application. That’s how I discovered Micah’s pictures. I do not know yet what I prefer the most in Micah’s universe, the soft light, the warm colors, the pretty arrangements, or the red cat (way too cute). A mix of all this and so much more, I guess. I like this account because it makes me travel from my kitchen, and that is priceless.


That’s all for today! Hope you discovered some pretty things! And you, tell me everything, what are your current lifestyle favorites?


NB. The visuals and illustrations are the exclusive property of their authors.


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