Goodbye November: memories of the weekend

I would like to note here a few moments of this last weekend of November. Nothing fancy, just lovely little moments, things I want to remember with a smile. Moments that notably marked and inspired me, and which allowed me to enjoy the present moment.


Groom my fluffy dogs


This weekend, I groomed my two dogs. It is a unique moment with them that I particularly appreciate, even if I am not sure that the fluffy ones would say as much. Have you seen the look of Mozart? Initially, I only thought of grooming Figaro, my Yorkshire, because it looked more like a little bear than a dog, and I wanted him to be ready, elegant and clean for the end of the year. Then, finally, I also groomed Mozart, my Dachshund, because I thought that his hairs were incredibly too long in comparison. I’ve been grooming Figaro for years, I’m used to this work, and I quite know how to do it, but it was a first for Mozart. Poor little fellow, I cut his mustache a bit too short. I still have a lot to learn to groom this little thug, but for a start, I think it’s ok and that he is pretty cute (but I’m probably not objective).


Enjoy some time with my loved relatives


This weekend, I also especially enjoyed the sweetness of a Sunday with my family. We enjoyed a real Goulash soup cooked with love by my mother, and we also savored some, delicious chocolate and hazelnut cookies. We then went for a walk in the village where my parents live: I took the time to admire the first Christmas outdoors decorations on the houses, and also to watch the first snowfall of the season.


Change the wardrobe of my dogs


This weekend I also took out all my dogs’ winter stuff, little overcoats, and other warm sweaters, and did a sorting to see what we keep this season and what we will give to pet charities. I’m not a massive fan of the fanciful clothes that exist to dress our little companions for “fashion”. I am somewhat on the practical side of things: when they have short hairs due to recent grooming, they wear simple clothes to keep warm. I like to invest a few euros in quality items of clothing, and then they each have a small set of wintery jackets to protect them from drafts and cold snaps.


Decorate the Christmas tree


Finally, I also took some time this weekend to decorate my Christmas tree after ordering it on the Internet. This year it is a first: I chose for an artificial tree and therefore reusable. In previous years, I invested in real trees: they were all stunning, but I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of participating in this whole industry. So this year I decided to do a little bit differently. I hesitated a lot and did a lot of research, and I finally opted for “natural” spruce, which I already like so much.


It was a lovely weekend, made of simple things and I love that. You know, small bits of life that that always remember you how life can be nice, and beautiful, and simple. And you, what did you do this weekend?


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