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Let’s talk about decoration today, especially candles. I arrive at a time of the year where I intend to renew my decoration at home: this is the perfect opportunity to look more closely at all the vegetable candles, their composition, their use, their prices, etc. Here is a selection of five brands that sell gorgeous vegetal candles with captivating scents and wich respect nature.


Organic Cocoon


I’m not chauvinistic, but I find that encouraging the Made in France aspect is a lovely thing to do. So to begin this selection here is a beautiful Parisian brand that offers of course candles, but not only. I appreciate the sobriety of the packaging and the decoration made with dried flowers.
Price: between 10 and 50 euros depending on the product and its size.
Features: vegan / cruelty free / organic / essential oils / hand made


Organic Cocoon - Le calepin de Céline


Illuminati Waxworks


Let’s go to the other side of the Atlantic now, with those pretty candles made in California. They are eco-friendly, and they also are made of soy wax. The container is reusable: once the candle is completely consumed, it remains only to wash the container to re-use it.
Price: between 13 and 30 euros depending on the type of candle.
Features: soy wax / recyclable container / packaging design.


Illuminati Waxworks - Le calepin de Céline


Brooklyn candle studio


Let’s walk now to New York and more specifically in the Brooklyn candle studio created by Tamara Mayne. The candles offered for sale are superb. They are once again soy wax, and the jar is glass, so again reusable for other purposes.
Price: average price 30 euros (between 13 and 60 euros depending on products and sizes).
Features: handmade / soy wax / glass jar.


Brooklyn Candles Studio - Le calepin de Céline


Wood and wax, co


I am now continuing this selection of candles with an American brand, Wood and Wax, Co, which creates and sells candles that are made in Oregon. I think the tin packaging is super cool, and I especially love the fact that the wicks are made of wood. In short, they are lovely candles.
Price: 20/25 euros.
Features: tin container / wooden wick / soy wax.


Wood and wax co - Le calepin de Céline


Ms. Betty’s original bad-ass candles


I finish my selection in Virginia with this beautiful brand named Ms. Betty’s original bad-ass candles. The candles have a very modern design. The jars are made of glass, the candles of soy wax and the lid of recycled paper.
Price: around 20 euros.
Features: glass jar / cotton wick / recycled paper cover.


Badass candles - Le calepin de Céline


I hope this nice selection allowed you to make some pretty discoveries. For sure I know I will buy several candles from this list. Do you know some other pretty brands of candles?


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