My favorite artists – Inspirations #1

I think I can fully realize myself by working hard, but I also believe that I progress thanks to the world that surrounds me. I get rich and enrich my knowledge and my creative mind by observing nature, the environment, our everyday world. But also by analyzing the work of other artists: I think it’s essential to study their way of creating and their ways of work to progress and get better. Today, I propose you to discover a selection of eight illustrator and photographers artists who have inspired me tremendously on a personal and professional level.




Simple and at the same time very elaborate, Jenny Yu’s art is inspiring in many ways. I like the simplicity of the features, and I appreciate the complexity and the interaction of the colors. I love these illustrations because I think they evoke a little something of Miyazaki and are a highway for imagination and daydreaming. They release magic, simplicity, and sweetness, and I love them very much.


Jenny Yu - Le calepin de Céline




Apofiss is an artist who offers mainly animal illustrations and mostly feline ones. The artist’s stroke is quite round, and the painted universe very contrasted. There are lights, shades, and emotions: I love this classic, simple, and colorful design. I particularly appreciate the exaggeration of the lines and the curves of the animals that give them a childish but yet charming aspect.


Apofiss - Le calepin de Céline




Ekaterina is one of those artists I love so much. I especially love her mastery of colors and the originality of the themes she chooses. Her drawings inspire me a lot every day, and I admit having a significant crush on her way to use colors. I like the kind of old school aspect of her drawings. There is a lot of mischief in her art, a little bit of humor and a lot of sweetness, it’s beautiful.


Ekaterina Stepanova - Le calepin de Céline




To all lovers of Corgis! Specializing in visual development, digital painting, and concept art, Lyn Chenn delivers eye-catching illustrations and draws cute doggies as well as funny monsters. Lynn Chen has an undeniable talent you can’t miss.


Lynn Chen - Le calepin de Céline




If I could live in a comic, I think I would like to put my suitcases in the illustrations of Seung Uk Hong. The lines are beautiful and close to the sketch, but so far the details are perfect. I particularly appreciate the artist’s way of “simplifying” the human body and human emotions, which are usually so complicated to transcribe.


Seung Uk Hong - Le calepin de Céline




I have a big crush on the work of Heiko Gerlicher. I like the composition of the photos. I also really like all the colors and the softness and depth that emerge in his art. His vision of the forest and landscapes are unique. We navigate between soft colors, the strength of contrasts, and the beautiful details, and I love that.


Heiko Gerlicher - Le calepin de Céline




Nature inspires me and amazes me, just like here the beautiful shots of squirrels, birds, and foxes. Julian Rad is an artist that inspires me, particularly in his treatment of movement and details. His stagings are beautiful and accomplished and give to see beautiful and enchanting nature.


Julian Rad - Le calepin de Céline




Jan Erik Waider is a photographer who sublimates the maritime or mountainous landscapes with sweetness. I would describe the atmosphere of his shots as being at the crossroads of the worlds of Shelley and Stoker. A little something supernatural, dark, and bewitching that I particularly appreciate.


Jan Erik Waider - Le calepin de Céline


That’s all folks! I hope this selection of inspirational artists allowed you to make some pretty discoveries! Who are the artists who inspire you at the moment?


NB. The visuals and illustrations are the exclusive property of their authors.


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