Questions and answers (Q&A)

Who are you?

My name is Celine, I’m 31, and I live in France. I work as an illustrator and graphic designer. At the same time, I’m a blogger, and on June 2019, I opened my online shop. On this store, I sell illustrations, postcards, bookmarks, pins, stickers, sets of stationery, and (soon) thematic boxes to offer including stationery accessories and other accessories such as tote bags or personalized candles.

What is your university background?

I studied a Master’s Degree in French and English Literature for five years. I then went to a Business School, where I pursued a second Master’s Degree, this time in Marketing & Communication, with expertise in web marketing and digital communication. At the end of this Degree, I went to a graphic design school to get a Bachelor in Graphic Design, with an extra upgrading year in Fine Arts, from which I graduated from in April 2019.

After my graduation and besides my freelance activity, I decided to perfect my skills in digital illustration. Thus, since June 2019, I pursue training in digital painting (during 30 weeks). Eventually, I would like to fully and solely devote myself to digital illustration and digital art. It is an activity that fascinates me, mainly illustrating nature and animals, an area that I have always loved.

How is your professional daily life?

My job is divided between managing the blog, creating products for the online store and my career as a graphic designer and illustrator freelance.

About the blog ⇢ I write blog posts on different topics: tips and advice (entrepreneurship, well-being, etc.), product discoveries, travel and places, lifestyle favorites, book reviews, recipes, etc. I take the photographs for the articles. I also edit them, and then I relay everything on my social media. I manage them daily, and I respond to comments and emails.

About the shop ⇢ I create the marketing schedule, I also create the designs and illustrations according to the plan, I clean them (PAO) and optimize their colors. I then proceed to order the different things I need from various providers (cards, illustrations, bookmarks, pins, etc.). I take pictures of the products, and I create the product pages in the shop. I also publish news about my shop on my social media.

About the freelance activity ⇢ I create visual identities for companies who want to have an illustrated or typographic logo and who wish to get their visual identity on different mediums. I create magazines, flyers, infographics, mockups, or packshots. I also create complex, illustrated, or typographic banners for businesses, bloggers, and website managers. I sometimes have some more “editorial” missions (graphic and editorial guides), and I also sometimes work as a consultant. I also work on web design missions as, for example, creating websites under the CMS WordPress. Likewise, I sometimes work on creating product pages for online stores. I also sometimes have commissions, mostly digital ones: it can be an illustration dealing with themes such as Nature or Animals, but also portraits or patterns.

What material do you use to work?

I use a Hahnemühle sketchbook that I particularly like for its lightness and the quality of the paper. I like using the Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils, and when I do lineart, I usually use a Pilot G-Tec C4 that does not smudge too much. When I want to apply colors, I generally use the Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, as well as the India ink from Dr. Ph. Martin’s, which dries quickly and is water-resistant.

When I work digitally, I use different tools. When I work at home, I’m on a 21.5″ iMac with a Huion GT 191 pen display tablet, and I use mostly Photoshop. I also sometimes draw on my iPad Pro with the Procreate app. When I’m traveling or when I’m at the office, I use a MacBook Pro 13″ still with the Adobe software, and I work most often on the Huion 156HD V2 tablet.

What is Le calepin de Céline?

Le calepin de Céline could be translated as “Celine’s notebook”. A notebook is a book in which you write down everything. You write your memories, and you share your ideas, you scribble, doodle, draw, erase, start again. That’s precisely how I imagined my space on the Internet: an online space that continually evolves. A place where I can share what I love, what I’m interested in, my creations, and my discoveries. Thus, to date, Le calepin de Céline is both a space of creativity and blogging and also, since June 2019, an online store.

Why an online store?

Because I like creating, but also to keep going on managing the strategy and sales side that I had in my previous job and studies. Indeed I studied business and especially e-commerce for years. Even though I turned to illustration, an area I love passionately, I still have a taste for web marketing and the operational management of online stores. Having a small online shop allows me to combine imagination, creation, product management, and sales.

Which products are available?

You will find different products such as postcards (A6, square), stickers, posters, bookmarks, pins, or dematerialized products such as web banners, logos, or digital illustrations. I create these products at home: they are sometimes inspired by real-life, and sometimes they are exclusively created from my imagination.

Are the products customizable?

The information is available in the Information area directly on the product page. If you have a particular request, I invite you to contact me directly, either by email or directly on my social media.

How are product collections organized?

The shop contains products which are available year-round (permanent collection), but it also includes seasonal products and limited offers in time (original edition, single copy). I invite you to subscribe to the newsletter to receive news every month. Indeed once a month, you will have access to free content only for the LCDC community.

How are parcels processed and sent?

I go to the post office once or twice a week. The delivery is open to international, and ordinary the shipping time turns around 3-5 working days (France) and approximately 5-7 days (rest of the world). You must keep in mind that the shipping time can be lengthened. For any order, I invite you to consider the deadlines according to the periods of the year (Christmas, for example).

For any questions, I invite you to contact me directly by email.