This website is a lifestyle blog on which I regularly publish articles that deal with several topics (books, discoveries, creativity, etc.). Each item is the subject of in-depth research, referencing work, and relay on social media. Would you like having more information about blogging/media collaboration opportunities? Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your expectations and define together a project adapted to your needs.


As part of my freelance activity, I offer various services ranging from the creation of an illustration to the creation of your visual identity. My only ambition is to create in a good mood unique projects with you and for you, projects that are like you and that correspond to your expectations, needs, and desires.

All requests are studied carefully. After signed and agreed, a contract is confirmed specifying the clauses and responsibilities of each party. Also, prices are evolving according to needs and requests. For more extended missions, adapted packages are provided, I invite you to specify your needs during our exchanges.

These are the services I offer: illustration, doodles, patterns, logotypes, graphics, editorial guides, banners, and web or print creations (visual identity, business card, magazine, illustration, brochure, flyer).

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