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General conditions

The general structure as well as the software, texts, images animated or not and all the other elements composing the site are the exclusive property of this website. Logos, brands, their texts/images/know-how mentioned on the blog are the sole property of their respective authors. Any representation, reproduction, or exploitation is prohibited without the prior written agreement of their owners. Moreover, any total or partial exploitation of this website is not permitted and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles of the Code of Intellectual Property. If you want to use an item, please request the contact page.

The consultation of this site is proposed to users free of charge and without any guarantee from its publisher. The information available on the website from external sources can not guarantee that they are free from errors, nor guarantee their completeness, timeliness, completeness or otherwise. Consequently, it is up to the user to use the information on the website at his own risk and to carry out any verification under his exclusive responsibility. The webmaster can not be held responsible for the interpretation made by Internet users, and the consequences that may result. The owners of merchant sites, services, personal sites, computer sites (etc.) consulted from this website are solely responsible for compliance by them with all the regulations applying in the context of services offered to end customers, including laws and regulations relating to distance selling, consumer protection, misleading or deceptive advertising, prices, product compliance.

General conditions: visuals

Unless otherwise stated, all the visuals on this website are the exclusive property of the webmaster. Any reproduction, even partial, without the written authorization of the author is a crime. If you want to use a photo or document, please ask via the contact page. Sometimes visuals are uploaded under CC0 (Creative Commons License) on sites such as Stocksnap or Pexels. The Credits are then available at the end of the article/page and contain the link(s) pointing to the original website. If you have any questions, please send me an email directly via the contact page.

General conditions: comments

Comments posted on the blog can be read by all users once published. They are free as long as they follow the rules of moderation as well as the elementary rules of decency and courtesy. Therefore, and in order to preserve the dialogue and the respect of the people, the moderator will be able to remove even after publication, and without preliminary warning, any comment that’s considered incorrect (defamatory, denigrating, racist, homophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, pedophile remarks, inciting to committing an offense, crime or suicide, etc.). You alone are responsible for your words and their consequences. They do not belong to me, and I can not be held accountable for your comments. By commenting on this site, you accept this.

Moreover, it is possible in the form to fill in the address of your site or personal blog when you write a comment. The moderator reserves the right to delete in the comment section any link identical to the one entered or any advertisement deemed irrelevant. Also, the moderator reserves the right, for purposes of comprehension and readability, to correct any mistakes (spelling/grammar/syntax). Finally, you do not necessarily agree with my comments/opinions/comments on the site lecalepindeceline.com -or those of another user, and it’s ok. Let’s talk about it, and debate with respect, and politeness.

General conditions: relations with brands

There are many ways for brands and bloggers to collaborate: advertising, sponsored articles, sponsored links, affiliation, content creation for a brand. If I do partnerships with brands, I indicate their nature with a mention (*Collaboration). On social media, it’s the same: the partnership is shown in the description and hashtags such as #ad, #collaboration, #partnership, #sponsored are used. Also, on Instagram, there is a feature set up in 2017 that allows indicating the commercial aspect (under the nickname). For now only available for large accounts, it should be deployed and proposed to all quite quickly.

The opinions I express on my blog are my own. Whether it’s a partnership or not, the views I share are 100% honest. If I like a product, I say it. If a product does not please me / do not suit me, I tell it. In either case, I give the reasons, and I try to be as objective, precise, and exhaustive as possible. The opinions I express are personal, and they are not to be taken literally. It is essential that the reader knows how to make the difference and especially that he makes his own opinion based on his personal experience. I can not be held responsible for the interpretation made by Internet users, whatever it may be, and the consequences that may ensue.